1. State of funds
    1. Evaluation of the state of the accounts. On target.
  2. Discussion of other previous ODGE funding items
  3. Current ODGE funding applications evalution
    1. We decided to fund all applicants in some form (partial funding allocated to some)
    2. Some funding for certain events will come out of the YOU-OI fund.
  4. YOU-OI Fund discussion
    1. $700 left (after removing World Cup $) for some Jelly talk food (to be bought in June) and other stuff
    2. Options to pre-fund some events for the summer including the annual pig roast.
  5. JP Picnic
    1. Funding landscape different from in the past but should work out.
    2. in our budget currently, we only need $1800 (based on EAP, Engineering and Bio contributions)
    3. Some funds to come from GSC Mid-sized event fund.
    4. Side note: MIT orientation has outdoor trip, usually in NH, but this year it might come to the Cape and would be good to partner with them
  6. Tshirt designs
    1. Emily has gotten a couple of new designs and voting will happen soon
  7. Incoming first years
    1. current first years are on board with planning their BBQ on July 11
    2. Retreat: in Rhode Island at Alton Jones campus of URI, on a pond in woods; July 21-23 (Mon-Wed); have booked enough rooms for 4 current students to attend retreat.
    3. Julie will send out invites to students to attend.
  8. Steinbach
    1. Becca and Ellie: send bio blurbs to Lea by tomorrow
    2. Julie will email Bio students about signing up for setting up BBQ set up
  9. Calendars—to be updated.
  10. Jelly talks
  11. Off the Charts
  12. Handbook and Yawhoi—Really one in the same. Will be hybridized.